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Buyer/Seller Lead Conversion

(How to Optimize Your Leads for Success)

Dan Stewart and Morgan Carey discuss how to get the most from your leads

About The Webinar:

If buyer/seller leads are so easy to come by, then why are services selling the same ones to everybody? You know, the ones that don't convert?
If you're an agent, then I'm willing to bet the farm (well, Dan's farm) that you've had at least one bad experience with buyer/seller leads, so answer me this:
  • Do you have trouble getting buyer/seller leads?
  • Maybe you have them, but don't know what to do with them?
For our next webinar, we've brought in Morgan Carey, CEO of Real Estate Webmasters to not only help you find buyer/seller leads, but also what to do once you have them - this is the important part.
Register now to find out what you aren't doing to optimize your buyer/seller leads. 

What You'll Learn:



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Date: Thursday, November 19th, 2015
Time:  2pm ET 
Duration: 1 Hour
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About the Hosts:

Dan Stewart is currently serving as the CEO of Happy Grasshopper, where he’s helping 1000s of salespeople do a better job of making connections, building relationships and turning leads into sales. He has launched multiple, multi-million dollar companies and is a four time Inc. 5,000 Honoree.
Morgan Carey is the CEO of Real Estate Webmasters, an award-winning web platform for real estate agents. REW provides its customers with a cutting-edge web presence, along with marketing service and SEO tools. Morgan was also recently named one of the topp 200 most powerful people in real estate.


Scalable buyer/seller leads

  • Two effective ways to get them
  • What to do with them once you have them

What to expect from them

  • Realistic expectations of your leads
  • Optimizing your leads for best results

Buyer/Seller case studies

  • PPC buyer study
  • PPC seller study


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