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Thursday, July 25th
3:00 pm ET / 12:00 pm PT

Limited to 500 attendees

All Keller Williams Associates

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Who Should Attend

Have you ever felt like your business was on a rollercoaster?

Have you been struggling with maintaining a consistent, money-making database?

Many people believe that's just a part of life in sales- and for the average agent or sales person, it’s true. Until you have a database that's actually working for you, you'll always be riding the 'Feast/Famine Rollercoaster.'

Are you ready to get off this ride?

During this session, we’ll break down exactly how your database can protect you from a changing market. These are the secrets that separate the very best, highest earning salespeople from everyone else. 

It’s time to forget the famine and MAKE SALES, without ever experiencing the nose dive. 

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