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Thursday, December 6th
3:00 pm ET / 12:00 pm PT

Limited to 500 attendees

All Keller Williams Associates

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Join me and KW Owner and Trainer, Alan Rice, for an exclusive webinar!

How to Attract 
Exceptional Talent 
with Alan Rice 

How to Attract Exceptional
with Alan Rice

Imagine what it would be like if your company or organization attracted only the very best talent money can buy. Would your productivity skyrocket? Would you ultimately be saving money? Would your company look more desirable to prospective talent? Would you experience less stress and more fulfillment and JOY?

Yes, yes, yes, and YES!

Attracting the candidate that will become a star employee isn’t only possible; it's rewarding. My guest for our final webinar of 2018 is nothing short of a talent acquisition guru and the absolute best person I could think of to join me in helping you do this. His name is Alan Rice and he’s been helping business leaders and agents attract and retain the best of the best for years. If you don’t already know his name, you should, and after this webinar you certainly will!

During our session you’ll learn:

• WHY it’s important to attract and develop the genius of others
• HOW to become a talent magnet and identify who will be the best fit for your company or organization
• WHAT to expect when you start bringing superstars onto your team
• WHO to avoid when looking for top talent (we’re looking for team players NOT egomaniacs)

We’ll also be solving some of your talent acquisition anxieties like:

• Creating an attractive and detailed role  descriptions
• How to emphasize career development potential
• How to set your company apart

I’m so excited to dive deep into this training! I’ve been so fortunate to onboard some incredibly talented folks over at Happy Grasshopper and I can’t wait to explain how I did it so you can go into the new year ready to have your best year YET!

We’ll go live at precisely 3PM ET, and YES, this session will be recorded.

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