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My team’s volume grew from $184M to $236M. Happy Grasshopper was a huge part of that growth. We have leads that are completely unresponsive, then suddenly they reply to one of our Happy Grasshopper emails.

Real estate has always been a people business, but technology can make it feel robotic. With Happy Grasshopper, I get the best parts of automation, and I get to showcase my personality. It's great for making real human connections.

We met our annual recruiting goal in the first two months! 
I love Happy Grasshopper!

A huge reason behind our growth is that leads I generated years ago are still closing. Happy Grasshopper equals ROI for my team.

Ryan Tollefsen

I was aware of Happy Grasshopper for years, but didn't think we needed it. Now I know, I should have done this years ago.

John Mangas

Happy Grasshopper's positive and powerful email content has proven to convert strangers into appointments.


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