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Dan went to college on an acting scholarship and then founded multiple, multi-million dollar companies. He is brilliant, hilarious, motivating and highly impactful. Dan will take your audience on an emotional journey that leaves them feeling hungry to achieve any goal. He speaks on a variety of topics including sales, personal achievement, leadership, and entrepreneurialism. 

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The BUZZ About Dan
“Dan got a standing ovation at MY event. I love the guy. Just hire him.”
Jared James - Speaker, Author, Coach
"He weaves stories and really builds VALUE in the message."
Jim Marks - Virtual Results
"Consistently one of the most asked for speakers. He knows how to get an audience emotionally involved."
Matt Fagioli - Xplode Conference
“He blows me away with his stories every time I hear him speak."
Robert Mallon - Rusty Lions

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Leadership is a gift, leadership is a story, and leadership leaves a legacy. In this delightful talk, leaders at every level will be inspired to find and follow their paths to success.

Being great isn't enough.
To win today, you must not only stand out, you must make your competition invisible. Dan will show you to do it with every client you serve.

Learn techniques to build instant rapport and master the one simple question that will lay bare exactly why each prospect will buy, and use this knowledge to dominate any market.

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"This is Dan getting a standing ovation at my event. You should hire him!"

Jared James
Speaker, Author, Coach

“What an incredibly talented– far left field, out-of-the-box thinker 
this man is!”
Glenn Morshower - TV/Film Actor
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and author of the upcoming bestseller

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